5 Reasons Why The Rookery is the Best Bar in Bushwick this Summer

rookery b1. For World Cup Lovers
With 7 foot screens indoors and outdoors, these guys are ready for sweltering heat and monsoon rain. In light of recent storms, it’s comforting to know you can sit outside with a crisp cold pint or take shelter inside – either way, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they serve free hot-dogs during the games. Who could refuse?

2. For World Cup Tag-alongs
If, like me, you follow the football crowd for social reasons rather than keeping track of the score, The Rookery is still a safe bet. Catch some rays in their garden, stick around for live music in the evenings, and enjoy their delicious menu of food and snacks. It’s also right in the heart of Bushwick’s trend zone so there are plenty of happening spots nearby to pop to during half time.

rookery a3. Sunday BBQ
Now open on Sundays, you can swoop down post-brunch for a boozy Sunday afternoon and join in the grill party as they cook up a storm out front. Perfect accompaniment comes in the form of their wide selection of carefully selected crafts on draft. They also serve brunch from noon, so why not make a whole day out of it? Their entire menu is killer with the owner’s UK influence and some cheeky nods towards Indian cuisine.

4. First Date Night
Largely because it’s so beautiful with a 16ft horse shoe bar and clever European and Indian accents throughout the design, but also because it is one of the classier Bushwick locations, The Rookery is deal for a “first date” scenario. Chill outside on the benches or cozy up in a booth, this bright airy space always has a “buzz” without being too crowded. Ideal for being impressively cool but also actually being able to hear each other speak.

rookery5. Best Staff Around
Not to gush too much, but everyone working here is alarmingly nice and highly competent. Bushwick gets a bad rep for hiring bartenders based entirely on their ability to wear dungarees, but the crew here are top notch. From owner, Jamie Schmitz, right down to the guy who will dash behind the bar to find you a lighter, they have an incredibly welcoming team that make you want to come back again and again.

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