2021 Kitchen Trends in NYC in Line with National Trends

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Manhattan based renovation company, MyHome Design + Remodeling, reports on 2021 kitchen trends in NYC as compared to the 2021 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study which shared findings from a survey of 2,014 U.S. homeowners about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects.

According to the Houzz Study, U.S. homeowners want more storage, neutral colors, and prominent backsplashes that make a statement. Based on design consultations with NYC homeowners, MyHome reports some trends happening in Manhattan with a few major differences.

Kitchen Design Trend #1: STORAGE

As everyone spent much more time at home this past year, it makes sense that the need for upgraded kitchen storage increased dramatically. Kitchen renovators say that 94% of all remodels in 2020 featured some type of effort on the kitchen cabinets.

Adding more cabinets or upgrading your kitchen storage space allows homeowners to keep the space clean and organized with easy access to everything.

MyHome reported about 1 in 3 NYC homeowners choosing to upgrade their cabinetry, “During 2020, approximately 213 clients who have hired us to renovate their kitchens upgraded their cabinets with the objective being to create more storage.”

Kitchen Design Trend #2: COLOR SCHEME

Neutral colors were a big hit in recent remodels nationwide (source). For homeowners looking to hop on this classic trend, MyHome recommends focusing on colors like white, beige, and grey. These colors offer the kitchen a super clean and refined aesthetic. It also allows for some super fun pops of color in the form of barstools, hardware, or small appliances.

Jessenia Toro, Chief Operating Office for MyHome explains, “most of our clients are people with a classic taste for design that gives more importance to the quality rather than the current trend of the moment – neutral tones are the most common option. Surprisingly, they are always open to new design patterns, looking for clear colors with a splash of spicy patterns and shapes.”

Kitchen Design Trend #3: BACKSPLASH

Backsplashes add some creativity to your kitchen. As opposed to a strip of backsplash, this year, homeowners and designers are extending backsplashes up to the upper cabinets (source). The possibilities are endless in terms of color, material, and pattern; although white backsplashes were found to be most popular for U.S. homeowners.

MyHome’s remodeling consultants are experts at picking the backsplash that best expresses individual design needs. Tiffany Smolick, Showroom Manager at MyHome explains, “We like to create backsplashes that give a character to the kitchen. Since our NYC clientele is more open to having a light colored backsplash, we mainly design backsplashes that have an irregular horizontal pattern, made by different size tiles properly located.”

Kitchen Design Trend #4: MEDIAN SPEND

For homeowners nationwide who participated in the Houzz study, the median spend on a major kitchen remodel was consistent with prior years at $35,000. MyHome noticed a similar trend with major kitchen remodeling projects averaging $35,000—$40,000 which was a bit more costly compared to previous years  ($23,500 – $28,000 in 2019).

Kitchen Renovations in NYC

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MyHome was founded in 2001 by managing partner Yoel Piotraut. The company, which is based in New York City, has a team of consultants, designers and managers. MyHome’s New York City kitchen and bath showroom is located at 353 West 48th Street in Manhattan. MyHome offers free design consultations for Manhattan homeowners which can be booked at  www.myhomeus.com/free-nyc-design-estimate. For a limited time, MyHome is offering NYC homeowners a $750 materials credit or $750 in credits for Home Chef or other meal kit service when signing a labor agreement for an apartment renovation with MyHome.

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