Council Member Alicka Ampry-Samuel Pushes for Hiring Bill So The Economic Recovery Reaches All New Yorkers

Posted By NYC Newswire

In a recent Daily News Op-ed, Council Member Alicka Ampry-Samuel laid out her argument for new legislation aimed at removing discriminatory hiring practices, providing an equal playing field for all New Yorkers.

The 2008 Great Recession led to an economic rebound that largely benefited the rich. With the economic devastation from COVID-19 hitting non-salaried workers the most, state and federal legislators need to guide this recovery so that it doesn’t follow the same pattern as a decade ago.

A typical job opening receives 250 applicants, and only 10% of candidates are actually looked at by personnel. Since the company is inundated with resumes, HR pros take both conscious and unconscious shortcuts to pick top applicants, resulting in discrimination.

Our legislation will counter these trends and pernicious norms by paving the way for the safe usage of new types of technology-based assessments whose algorithms will be audited before they are deployed by employers.

To read the full op-ed, go to The Daily News article

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