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Posted By Pia Fergus
Shanita Harding is the owner of Styles by Nitah (Nitah Hair Collection, LLC), a hair company which specializes in high quality luxury hair extensions, customized wigs, and more! On Wednesday, August 1st, Styles by Nitah launched their brand in the historic Brooklyn district of Bed-Stuy. Over 30 of her close family members, friends, and current clients attended this amazing event to share her special moment and show their support.  The intimate event featured some of Nitah’s hand made wigs, and examples of the different kinds of hair (10A grade) that potential customers could purchase.
Check out our brief interview with Shanita, and make sure to check out her social media pages below!
HerPower: What inspired you to create your own line of hair extensions?
Shanita: My CLIENTS! My clients inspire me everyday and every time I’m styling their hair. I believe that everyone that come to get “styled by Nitah” will be red carpet ready.
HP: What is the difference between 10A grade hair compared to all of the other types of hair, and why should someone only purchase 10A grade?
Shanita: The difference between my luxury grade 10a hair and other hair on the market is that each individual bundle, closure and frontal comes from one person,  which alleviates the hair from altering its natural texture over it’s life span. Grades like 8 and 9a are made from multiple people which always stands the chance of tangling and shedding, which will definitely have you spending more money in the long run for the same desired look.
HP: What advice would you give anyone looking to open their first salon or start their own business in the beauty/hair industry? 
Shanita: My advice for anyone that is trying to start doing business in the hair industry: research, research, research! If you want to attend cosmetology school, research the ones the are best suited for you, and if you want to start a hair company, do all your research before you start spending money on bundles and wigs. This so going to sound soo generic but, go with your gut and remember, everyone has their own season to bloom and blossom. Prayer and patience is also a major key!
Styles by Nitah welcomes new customers by appointment. Visit us on:
Facebook: @stylesbynitah23
Instagram: @stylesbynitah_
Images via Pia Moné Visuals.

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