Mental Health Awareness Month: Join the #aBetterBK movement!

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the team is excited to take part in launching #aBetterBK. Led by Love & Kindness mental health services, a women and minority led licensed mental health group practice located in Brooklyn.  #aBetterBK is a response to the growing mental health crisis in Brooklyn, where residents – particularly those in low-income and marginalized communities – face significant barriers to accessing quality mental health care.


Brooklyn is one of the most diverse boroughs in New York City, and indeed the world. With over 2.5 million residents, Brooklyn is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and identities. Love & Kindness Wellness Services seeks to help connect with the community and help destigmatize mental health care.


According to recent data, Brooklyn has some of the highest rates of mental illness in the city, with suicide rates among Black and Latino youth being particularly alarming.


Through a series of in-person and virtual events, #aBetterBK will raise awareness about mental health, challenge cultural stigmas and misconceptions, and provide accessible resources and support to individuals and families in need. 


The initiative will focus on empowering underrepresented communities to take control of their mental health and well-being by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to manage their mental health effectively.


What to expect?

  • Free Mental Health Community Events
  • Informative Blog Content
  • Social Media Tips
  • First Annual Love & Kindness Day in Brooklyn (Insert location)

The #aBetterBK event series will aim to reach Youth, Elderly, Caregivers/Doulas and providing workshops on Grief, Managing Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and more.


Join us for a TownHall discussion: Brooklyn Minds Matter: A Virtual Conversation on Brooklyn’s Mental Health Issues #aBetterBK


#aBetterBK: Brooklyn Minds Matter is a virtual town hall event a part of our #aBetterBK campaign aimed at bringing together community members, mental health professionals, and advocates to engage in a conversation on mental health issues in Brooklyn. This event seeks to raise awareness about the importance of prioritizing mental health and de-stigmatizing mental illness in Brooklyn. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field, share their experiences, and ask questions. Through this virtual dialogue, we hope to create a safe and supportive space for the Brooklyn community to come together and address mental health challenges that affect us all.


Hosted by Dr. Danielle Waldron – Clinical Psychologist, PhD @ Love & Kindness Wellness Services

  • Denise Felipe-Adams – Executive Director @ NYC Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Emerging Markets
  • Alesha Smith – Director @ Peace Players
  • Marlon Rice – Founder of Good People NYC & Community Activist
  • Bless Roxwell – MA, Mental Health Counselor-LP, Reiki Master, Mindset Coach for Love & Kindness Wellness Services

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Need Support or know someone who needs mental health support? Check out the full line up of Hybrid and in-person events. 


Who is Love & Kindness Wellness Services?


Love & Kindness is a team of mental health providers  who offer wellness services and create access to complete holistic healing practices designed to enrich the lives of all who enter this space. Our approach to wellness fosters professional development as well as the development of self-confidence, self-care habits, and a strong connection to a sense of purpose and meaning.


If you’re in need of support please click link to learn more on how we can support your mental health journey 

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