Olivie Ponce Exhibit At Pseudo Empire

Check Out The Olivie Ponce Exhibit At Pseudo Empire

“For our summer program, Pseudo Empire presents a solo exhibition of new work by Bushwick-based painter Olivié Ponce. In this series of new work, Ponce continues an exploration of the aesthetics of the city in which lives. Drawing on visual themes shared by both his home of Mexico City and New York, Ponce builds off visual elements of the landscape—telephone wire, poles, bridges, features simultaneously an intrinsic element of industrial zones and a romantic trope of the urban landscape.

Extending outside the gallery into public space, Ponce diffuses the boundaries between inside and outside, surface and reality. His paintings on plexi frames allow the viewer to look at as well as beyond what is represented. At the heart of this work is Ponce’s idea of the Extra Aesthetic, a concept through which he represents what it means to look beyond reality and expand manner in which quotian experiences are perceived. Employing elements from construction sites and work areas, Ponce seeks to expand and complicate the meaning of everyday objects and language through use of materials and settings.

Olivie Ponce: New Paintings will physically incorporate the urban space of Bushwick, utilizing public spaces outside the gallery. The neighborhood’s gritty past and increasingly aestheticized present mirror the elements found in Ponce’s work, where the beautiful and the crude are continually brought up against one another.”

Olivie Ponce
July 11 – August 11, 2014
Opening Reception July 11, 2014 7-9pm

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