Wear Bacon, Be Happy: “Bacon Life” Clothing By Christopher Nelson


Christopher Nelson is the proud owner of “Bacon Life” apparel. Chris is a young man who has his head on his shoulders, building a business empire that could in time promise him a nice retirement check when he gets older. He created “Bacon Life” clothing on March 1st, 2012, and has been going steady with great progress ever since.

Many people wear brand name clothing because they follow various fashion trends. A lot of people don’t really take the time to know or understand the motive behind a brand, and what a brand stands for. Chris wants his customers to understand and live by what his brand stands for. According to him, Bacon Life is about “That 5 seconds you have when you wake up, before you remember that you have a lot of sh*t to do that day, that’s what Bacon Life is about. Loving, Enjoying, and making the most of your life.” To us here at Brooklyn Buzz, that makes a lot of sense, and it is a statement that we all strive to live by each and every day.

Below is my interview with Christopher and “Bacon Life”‘s information! We hope you all support this young designer!

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*Explain to everyone what “Bacon Life” is about in simple terms*
Ok, in the simplest version…Bacon Life is about going after what YOU want, whether it’s concerning your career, choices in life, even your diet. Working towards living the life you want where you’ll feel great, just how bacon releases endorphins (the chemical that is associated with feeling good).
*What is a day in the life like for you as the designer of Bacon Life clothing?*
Well, I’m in the branding stage where I promote the visual look and feel of the brand. Checking my site and making updates, blogging every once in a while (bloggers love bacon too) and I search for other motivated people to be around because nothing is better for creativity that OTHER awesome creative people.
*What are your future plans for Bacon Life? Do you plan on owning a boutique in the near future?*
I recently attempted to go after a small business grant a few months ago, in the future I plan to split the product line so that even lovers of “high fashion” can find something they love. I’ll be optimistic and say near, there are so many opportunities out there that you really never know! but yes I would love to own one.
*What other artistic goals do you have planned for yourself?*
I’m learning adobe CS and started my own photo studio, which will be available for rental very soon, editing videos, photos, and anything else I can learn to better build my brand. I’m also going back to school next year to learn the finer arts of design.
*How much planning and saving did it take for you to start your own brand?*
It actually didn’t take a lot, but I don’t encourage everyone to NOT save up something before starting. I believe very strongly that there are so many ways to do the same thing, that I’ve opened up my own store for others who DON’T have the ability to save as quickly as they want to, but have great ideas/concepts/brands.
*What practical starting advice would you give to young entrepreneurs that want to start a clothing line?*
1. If you do it only for the money then KNOW you’re doing it for the money, and don’t lie to others about that.
2. Don’t do things the poor mans way as an excuse, take the time to set up the back end (business) of your line properly.
3. DO MARKET RESEARCH (You should be able to at least identify your target audience, not some of that ‘my line is for all ages’ crap).
4. Get used to saying NO.
*What else do you do artistically besides owning your own brand?*
Well, I also make music and poetry. I used to draw more than anything else and this line is bringing that back into my life. I think having intelligent discussions counts because it seems I can’t get that as often as I’d like lol (just means I have to expand my circle).


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