The Staff

STAN PARHAM – Buzzin’ Director
Stan is, and has been, the go-to person for What’s Buzzin’ in Brooklyn for the past 20 years. He joined as one of the original group of people who created the concept in Sept. 2013, and was the catalyst for our super successful launch event that was held at the Brooklyn Tap House in Ft Greene Brooklyn. Stan is a life-long Brooklynite who knows just about every restaurant and shop owner in Brooklyn. If you own a shop or restaurant in Brooklyn and don’t know Stan then you’d better get to know him today. –

PIA FERGUS – Buzz Features Specialist
Pia is a photographer, writer, blogger, videographer and Buzz Specialist when it comes to finding out about unknown artists, singers, fashion designers, dancers and shop owners in Brooklyn.  If you are trying to get discovered then Pia’s the person to create that Buzz for you.   Pia lives in Crown Heights. –

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