58 Year Old Stroke Survivor Finds Happiness At The Canarsie Adult Center

Posted By Pia Fergus

Diane Lovitt is a 57 year old woman who attends the Canarsie Adult Center twice a week to socialize and have fun. Diane has had several strokes, multiple health issues, and she uses a wheelchair to get around, but her health does not prevent her from getting out and having fun!

Twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays, you can find Diane at the Canarsie Adult Center enjoying her day. “I get here and do things, and do things that people didn’t think I could do. I color, socialize, I have lots of friends. Being home keeps me in the bed, not motivated”, says Diane. The Canarsie senior center gives her relief, and an escape from the harsh realities of dealing with her health issues. “I play bingo here, I dance, play a lot of games here that I win, I have so much fun!”

Diane also had an operation done on her left hand, which mean she now temporarily only has her right hand until she gets her prosthetic replacement. “I’m a walking testimony, I write with my right hand, color with my right hand, I was left handed. I do everything for myself, I put my clothes on by myself.” Diane has 7 kids who help her on a daily basis, as well as two caregivers to help her with her daily tasks. Diane makes sure to keep a light spirit at all time. “My kids are proud of me, I’m not a person that sits around and stay sad.”


Overall, Diane enjoys visiting the Canarsie Adult Center. “All of these people here are good people” she says. “Its like God gave me an opportunity to shine, and I’m shining!”

For more information about how your senior can visit and participate at the Canarsie Adult Center, click here! (Via Tradition Home Care).

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