78 Year Old Senior Learns To Read And Write English For The First Time At The Canarsie Adult Center!

Posted By Pia Fergus

Marie St. Surin is a 78 year old senior that comes to the Canarsie Adult Center 3 days a week. Marie comes to practice learning and writing English, and to also socialize with the other seniors. She has been coming to the center for about four years now, and when she first started coming, she only spoke and understood her native language, Creole/French.

Marie met one of the nurses in the center, Myrlaine Zama, and started to take English comprehension, reading and writing courses from her. Myrlaine states that when she first met Marie, Marie only knew how to sign her name with an “X”, and now since she has been teaching and giving her homework and work to do at the center, Marie now writes full sentences! “She’s very patient and she loves to learn”, states Myrlaine about Marie. “I gave her homework in a notebook to do at home. She learned how to write the weather, she writes in a calendar. I’m very proud of her”.

During my interview with Marie and Myrlaine, Myrlaine supported Marie as her English translator. When Marie knew that she had the opportunity to talk about her teacher/friend Myrlaine and the adult center, she became very excited! “Myrlaine encourages me, she does a lot to help me to sign my name, but sometimes I can’t remember”, Marie says with a smile and laugh. “Again, I have to say thank you, and I like to come to this center.” We both smile and thank each other for the brief meeting and interview. It is an understatement that the Canarsie Adult Center has changed Marie’s life for the better.

For more information about how your senior can visit and participate at the Canarsie Adult Center, click here! (Via Tradition Home Care).

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