It makes sense that Brooklyn — with its large creative class and outsized rents for small apartments — is seeing a boom in coworking spaces, a concept that was unheard of just 10 years ago. Neighborhoods all across Brooklyn now have their own places to rent a desk, or sometimes a spot at a communal table, alongside other freelancers, startup hatchers and gig-hoppers. To keep track of all the options, we compiled a list of every Brooklyn coworking space we could find, along with answers to the most basic questions (sorry, we can’t tell you whether you’ll bump elbows with your soulmate at the coffee machine.)

Each place has a different personality, from living-room casual to corporate, which is summed up in the “vibe” section. Under “perks” you’ll find what they offer beyond a desk and an electrical outlet, and here they really vary, with amenities including everything from copy machines to backyards, event spaces, bring-your-pooch-to-work policies, free ZipCars, receptionists and more.

Availability is based on three criteria: how many members they can accommodate, turnover, and whether they have monthly members and day passes. Low availability indicates they have a limited number of members, low turnover and no day passes. A high availability means they have a bigger space that can house more members comfortably, and offer day passes in addition to monthly memberships. Everybody else is in-between.

Our most intriguing discoveries were the wide range of fees (from $190 a quarter on up to $500-plus per month), and the number of places with unusual hours (24/7 included). Is it time to make a break from your couch? We couldn’t presume to say, but plenty of Brooklyn coworking places have day passes to dip in for a day. Just be sure to put on pants for a change.


Bat Haus Coworking, 279 Starr St, Bushwick

Vibe: Bat Haus has an open office layout that transforms into an event space after 7pm and weekends. They also host Drink N’ Draw with live models on Wednesdays and monthly independent film screenings.

Perks: Printing and scanning, mail reception, kitchen access, 2 hours of conference room access per day, Thursday happy hours, during the summer time you can work or chill out in the backyard, they’re pet friendly so you can bring your well-behaved pooch along, and time-to-time they’ll have openings for you to work the front desk in exchange for free membership.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

Rates: $20 for a day pass, which you can apply toward membership if you decide to join. Basic Access is $60 per month for 1 day a week access, Part-Time is $125/mo for access three days a week, and Full-Time is $175/mo for access 5 days a week. You can store monitors and accessories for another $25 per month, and they offer virtual office access for $50 per month.

Availability: Medium



Brooklyn Desks, 49 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick

Vibe: Brooklyn Desks seeks to host a broad range of freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, and business travelers. It’s a pretty huge space and they often rent out the rooftop for networking events.

Perks: There’s are a lot here: free ZipCar for business, a full kitchen, a relaxation room with ping pong, foosball, printing and scanning, VoIP service, an outdoor terrace and weekly happy hours.

Hours: 24/7 access for members, day passes are from 9am-6pm

Rates: Shared spaces are $15 for 1 day, $40 for 3 days, and $60 for 5 days. Desks go for $20 for 1 day, $50 for 3 days, and $75 for 5 days. Monthly memberships are $275 for a shared open space and $300 for a shared desk in a private office. Members have access to ten free hours in the conference room, and non-members can rent it for $40 per hour.

Availability: High



Brooklyn Creative League, 540 President St, Gowanus

Vibe: The space was built with smart design and sustainability in mind, so on top of the exposed brick, there’s FSC-certified wood floors and lots of natural light.

Perks: Networking events, free printing, kitchen access with free coffee, discounts on Zipcar and One Medical Group, conference room.

Hours: Members have access from 5am-2am everyday

Rates: If you work part-time, you can get 40 hours for $225 for or an 80-hour package for $350. Full-time spaces are $495 for a six-foot desk or $550-$575 for eight feet of space.

Availability: Medium



Brooklyn Works at 159, 159 20th St., South Slope

Vibe: Shared spaces are pretty large rooms, with art along the walls

Perks: Unlimited coffee and tea, printing and scanning, conference room hours, mail forwarding, lockable desks

Hours: 24/7 for monthly members, 9am-7pm business days for daily drop-in, can use the space to host your own events

Rates: $475 per month for one-person spaces. Drop-in day passes are $15, with 10 drop-in days available for $100. Conference rooms are available to non-members for $20-30 per hour.

Availability: Medium


Brooklyn Writers Space, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens

Vibe: These are spots for serious writers. They have three locations–at 185 1st St. in Gowanus, 168 7th St. Gowanus (Room 58), and 286 Court St. in Carroll Gardens–that are only open to writers who have submitted an application demonstrating said seriousness.

Perks: All locations have laser printing and storage

Hours: Full-time members have 24-hour access, while part-time members can come in anytime on weekends and from 6pm-8am (Part-time 1) or 3:30pm-10:30am (Part-time 2) on weekdays.

Rates: Month-to-month memberships are $165, with two part-time weekend and evening plans available for $99 or $121 per month. Quarterly membership is $395 per quarter for full-time members, and $240 or $285 for part-time members. The quarterly prices go down to $365, $220, and $260, respectively, with a six-month commitment.

Availability: Low



The Compound Cowork, 507 Flatbush Ave, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

Vibe: They aim for “healthy productivity” here, with workspaces built of reclaimed wood and members encouraged to take advantage of the Bikram yoga studios right next door and Prospect Park right across the street.

Perks: Art openings, community gatherings, professional and personal development programming, printing, copying and scanning.

Hours: 24/7 for members

Rates: First-come, first-serve seating is available for $225 per month, while an individual dedicated desk is $375 per month. Conference rooms are available $35 per hour. 8-hour daily access is available for $45.

Availability: High



Dean Machine, 1037 Dean Street, Crown Heights

Vibe: They only have room for eight people, so this is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a intimate setting. The space itself is pretty spacious and homey, with a yard in the back.

Perks: Conference room and kitchenette.

Hours: 24/7

Rates: $425 per month, with no day or hourly passes available

Availability: Low



DUMBO Startup Lab, 68 Jay Street, DUMBO

Vibe: Loft space with a strong tech startup presence

Perks: Great views of the surrounding neighborhood, kitchen with free coffee and tea, meeting space, access to panels and networking events, printing copying, and scanning, can use the space to host your own events.

Hours: 24/7

Rates: Community membership gets you access to shared workspaces and lounge area for $249 per month, while dedicated membership gets you a personal work station for $429 per month. No day passes.

Availability: Medium



Freecandy, 905 Atlantic Avenue, Clinton Hill

Vibe: Freecandy is a converted second-floor garage that’s now used as a multi-purpose space that includes a community workspace, photo studio and gallery and a stage.

Perks: Free candy, mail reception, studio, private office, conference room, free coffee.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm

Rates: A monthly membership goes for $250 and includes unlimited office, conference room and studio use, plus weekly member events. A daily pass is $25 and includes discounted studio rates.

Availability: Medium



Green Desk, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Greenpoint

Vibe: Green Desks has four locations in DUMBO, three in Long Island City, and three more in Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint. Their maze-like layout features a number of different office types, to enclosed glass to  ones with exposed brick and lots of natural light.

Perks: Bike storage, conference room, coffee, mail services, cafeteria, outdoor patio, faxing, copying and scanning

Hours: 24/7

Rates: A single shared desk is $299 per month, while a private office is $425. No day passes.

Availability: Medium



IFP Made in New York Media Center, 30 John St, DUMBO

Vibe: Made in NY focuses on creating a community for people in tech and creative professionals with an art gallery, media center, classes and an incubator on premises.

Perks: Monthly networking events, cafe, screening room, education center, media arts gallery

Hours:  9am-7pm on weekdays, 11am-6pm on weekends, members at the Incubator level ($450/month) get access 24-7

Rates: $150 per month gets first-come, first-serve daytime access to desk spaces and 25% off center workshops, seminars, conferences and classes

Availability: High



Makeshift Society, 55 Hope Street, Williamsburg

Vibe: Makeshift is a huge 4,000 square foot modern two-level open loft space deal for creative professionals with desks, sofas and a reading nook.

Perks: Kitchen, studio members get a locked cabinet, all members get 15% discount on classes, and can use the lending library, they have a Makers-in-Residence program where two select individuals use the space for free for three months in exchange for working on a project that serves the community.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

Rates: $30 Day Pass, $250 for 12 days a month, $500 for 5 days a week

Availability: Medium



No-Space67 West St, Greenpoint

Vibe: Renovated old factory with desks reserved monthly

Perks: Kitchen, lounge, conference room, rent is a tax write-off as the space is a non-profit, and there’s an adjacent gallery that can be used for photoshoots, literary readings and various other creative reasons.

Hours: Members get 24/7 access

Rates: a 5-ft desk is $200, an 8-foot long desk is $300

Availability: Medium



Nowhere Studio, 1582 Atlantic Ave, Crown Heights 

Vibe: The whole space is part someone’s cozy living room, photo studio (with high ceilings) and workspace ideal for visual and design professionals

Perks: membership comes with use of the photo studio, dedicated parking, and rental equipment available

Hours: 24/7

Rates: Starts at $150/month for flex space, $250 for small space, $400 for large desk (built-in bookshelves)

Availability: Medium


 secret clubhouse

Secret Clubhouse117 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg

Vibe: Secret Clubhouse is a room with shared desks, a love for nostalgia with one corner of the kitchen festooned with Care Bears, and old analog computers placed against one wall

Perks: Fully stocked kitchen replete with booze, conference room, free coffee, kitchen and a pool table

Hours: Daily passes are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, members get 24/7 access

Rates: $25 a day, $500/month



SHARED Brooklyn185 Van Dyke Street, Red Hook  

Vibe: This renovated warehouse right on the water gets plenty of natural light and uses reclaimed wood salvaged from the renovation.

Perks: Bike racks, free coffee, dog-friendly, $35 conference room for members, $50 conference room for non-members, location right next to Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies and Valentino Park gives the space a great view of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and Lower Manhattan. You can call for a free promotional day pass at 347-927-8141 or you can volunteer in the space for a discounted membership.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for day passes and community memberships, 24/7 access for private office and exclusive desk members

Rates: $30/Day Pass, $225 part-time shared desk (10 days a month), $375 full-time shared desk (5 days a week), $475 dedicated work desk

Availability: Medium


spark workshop

 SPark Workshop Brooklyn, 33 34th Street, Sunset Park

Vibe: SPark is situated in the heart of Sunset Park at the Industry City facilities with 15 private studios ranging from 200 to 400 square foot. This is the coworking space for those who work with their hands. You can be a writer here, but how would you take advantage of their tool shop rigged with enough miter saw and drill presses to make even Jigsaw happy?

Perks: Kitchen, meeting room, locker spaces of 200 cubit feet, 400 square foot classroom space, a wood shop with your necessary table saw and drill press, miter saw, sander, etc; freight elevator and access to the laser cutter

Hours: 5am-1am, private space members have 24/7 access

Rates: $190 every quarter, Shop + Storage is $290 every three months, private spaces $675-$1390



St. Lydia’s304 Bond Street, Boerum Hill

Vibe: A converted storefront that’s not a church at all, St. Lydia’s does has strong roots in spirituality and faith with their shared dinner every Sunday and Monday. Some people like their coworking spaces to be about work, and will chit-chat a bit, but are not much for socializing. St. Lydia’s is great for those who want to create relationships in and outside work. You don’t have to be a Christian or even a any kind of believer, but if you want to find a few freelancers to take yoga class with this is the jackpot.

Perks: Free coffee and tea, photocopier and printer

Hours: 8am-6pm

Rates: You can pay what you afford for full-time (3-5 days a week) in the range of $160-$220/month, (1-2 days a week) is $50-$80/month, email them for a free one-day trial

Availability: Medium



The Bakery, 325 Rutledge Street, Williamsburg 

Vibe: Started by a furniture designer and an artist, this space features six studios, some that are standalone as artists’ work space, a combination of desk/and artist space and solely desk spaces. A haven for many designers, illustrators and film pros, the space has a communal room that doubles as a photo studio, meeting place or merely a place to eat.

Perks: Roof garden, and a storefront members can use for events. Pet-friendly.

Hours: 24/7

Rates: $500/month, studio space $600-$800

Availability: Low



The Yard, 33 Nassau Ave, Williamsburg

Vibe: Many of the community members are startups and small businesses. The shared desk space is in the lobby with a maze of private suites throughout and original artwork is always on display sometimes from members themselves.

Perks: There’s a receptionist on duty during the weekdays, a bike rack, free coffee, and a security system, recurring art openings

Hours: 24/7 access

Rates: $225/month Monday – Friday for a shared desk. A dedicated desk in a shared office is $325/month, and there are tons more options that get more expensive from there.

Availability: Medium



The Works401 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens   

Vibe: A converted storefront on Smith Street there’s tons of natural light, exposed red brick walls and a snazzy backyard with a patio. There’s a lounge area with couches that feels more cozy living room than at work.

Perks: The backyard has a projector and screen

Hours: 24/7 access

Rates: $525/month, no day passes available

Availability: Low



Wendy’s Subway, 722 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg 

Vibe: Not quite a coworking space in the traditional sense, this place styles itself as a non-profit workspace for creatives. It’s a throwback to the old New York City of activism and underground literary aspirations with its steel staircase, graffitied walls and nondescript corridors studios that hide artist studios. In case you didn’t know, the slop sink covered in dried paint next to the bathroom let’s you know you’re sharing a space with visual artists. In the space is a single, long desk, and a smaller room for intimate meetings.

Perks: Wendy’s Subway hosts events and short-term workshops according to their ethos of activism and intellectual pursuits like Dismantling the Simulation: Visual Activism & New Media. A small lending library for when your screen, located right off the L train at the Graham Ave stop.

Hours: 24/7

Rates: $75/month

Availability: High


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