#ARTIST TO WATCH: Hip-Hop Duo D-Limitz!

D-Limitz is a hip-hop duo originating from East New York, Brooklyn, and these guys have a lot to bring to the table! They share comparisons from legendary groups such as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Outkast, and have performed alongside heavy hitters Fetty Wap and Jason Derulo!

We here at Brooklyn Buzz spoke to D-Limitz about their music, how they give back to their community (East New York), and more! Check it out below!

Brooklyn Buzz: How did growing up in East New York influence the D-Limitz sound?

D-Limitz: Growing up we had mentors who were passionate about sharing their knowledge and making sure we stayed out of trouble.  They sparked our interest and appreciation for cultural arts.  We wanted our brand of music to inspire ALL people the same way our mentors inspired us.  So we embraced our style, it symbolized our faith, passion, and hustle.  East New York is our humble beginning, many experiences made us who we are.

BB: How important is East New York to you guys?

DL: East New York is home.  Home is to be protected at all times, even when you’re not there. Besides, your home is a reflection of you, which is why we believe that building up our community and giving back is essential!  We don’t only represent East New York, but we represent a movement derived from East New York that strives to make a difference in the world.  So it’s important to lead by example and uphold the change that we want to see; making sure the next generation has guidance and positive role models to look up to. When something is important to you, you want to develop, maintain, and enhance it over time. Just like home. #eastnewyork


BB: Hip-Hop fusion is a sub-genre that not too many people know about. Do you guys want to be considered the pioneers of hip-hop fusion for the new generations to come?

DL: Yes, we are the pioneers of hip-hop fusion!  It’s fresh, when you listen to our music you can make comparisons, you may even ask, what is this?  But as creative innovators, we’re obligated to make sense of what we do and share it with the world.

BB: What do you guys take from each and every live performance that you do?

DL: We take away the crowd’s energy and their response to our performance.  We’ve been blessed to have great feedback thus far and work toward making each performance better than the previous one. The audience response to our performance always uplifts us and motivate us to continue to create and share our music with the world.  Our Concerts include a combination of African Drumming, Dancing and our signature hiphop fusion compositions.  We give our ALL to the audience every show, but the best part is when the audience loves the performance, multiplies your energy and gives it back.  We take that energy and put it back into our music. Then the process repeats.


BB: How do you plan on making East New York better through music? 

DL: Simply leading by example peacefully, and encourage more music education programs.  We will continue to perform and create impactful music with a message.  Some songs will make you move, sing along to, listen repeatedly and or think.  Nevertheless, our motive is to uplift your spirit and continue to be an agent of change and love.

BB: What words of encouragement/advice would you give to young kids that want to follow in your footsteps?

DL: The same thing we tell all of our students. You can be anything you put your mind to! You have to work hard and believe that you will reach your goal. Times will get hard, but thats when you have to go even harder. Have faith and trust the process. Don’t let anyone tell you “NO”. The Sky is D-Limitz.

Thank you For the opportunity and we are continuing to spread love and uplift our communities daily.

You can keep up with D-Limitz music by visiting www.dlimitz.com!



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