Brooklyn Fashion Designer Dewry DuRoi Launches “CorDuRoi” and “HealthJox” During “The Fashion Week Experience” Runway in Times Square

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Dewry DuRoi Bradford

As a precursor to this year’s New York Fashion Week, founder/executive producer James Corbett and executive producer Dewry DuRoi Bradford produced their annual “The Fashion Week Experience” runway fashion show live in Times Square, NYC.  This 7-hour showcase complete with LED screens and tents provided a platform for American-based designers to showcase their collections as well as entertainers to perform on stage.  What made this year exceptionally epic was that Dewry DuRoi Bradford launched 2-brands within the same season…  CorDuRoi and HealthJox.

CorDuRoi is a Parisian inspired collection of blazers, hoodies, sneakers, bags & jackets showcasing images found in the Versailles Palace paired with New York inspired silhouettes.  HealthJox is an Athleisure brand taking from the inspiration of sports in the 5-boroughs.  There is also a strong connection with the inner-city youth as Dewry DuRoi founded his 501(c)(3) – HealthJox Foundation, Inc. in July 2020.  He went on to produce a string of health & sports events in Brooklyn called HealthJox Summer Blocks and the 2-day HealthJox Festival at Brooklyn Bridge Park alongside the U.S. Marines and Leaders of the Hardwood.

Performing live were the crowd-pleaser Will TracksCory GunzThe Voice of Harlem, Jared SB, Triple J, LXXS, Lil Lex and DJ Big Cal.  The after party was held at Jimmy’s NYC located on 38th street in the Fashion District.

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