Brooklyn Hip Hop Artist Kota the Friend Launches FLTBYS Apparel Website With Pop Up Showcase Event Friday May 18, 2018

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Emerging Brooklyn hip-hop artist, Kota the Friend, announced the launch of the FLTBYS (Flight Boys) lifestyle apparel website.

Kota the Friend stated, “We’ve been making FLTBYS apparel for 10 years, mostly for underground artists and fans, worldwide, who understand that FLTBYS is not a lifestyle brand.  FLTBYS is a lifestyle, period. If you’re working hard on your craft, whether it’s performing, writing lyrics, creating music, skating, or anything else, then you’re living the FLTBYS lifestyle. When we were doing Flight Night events in New York City as high school students, we were all on our grind and we really didn’t think about making money or what others thought. We were just working at our crafts, and the results are proof that hard work pays off. So, if you’re working hard at your craft, then you are living the FLTBYS lifestyle.  It’ll pay off in the end, so keep grinding. That’s the message”.

Artists like Capital Steez, who was a hip-hop artist on the rise, before committing suicide in 2012 at the age of 19, as well as the group PhonyPpl, and others, performed at the first FLTBYS events before anyone knew who they were.  They were all in high school at the time.

The FLTBYS website will officially launch Friday May 18, 2018, with an exclusive FLTBYS Pop Up Showcase event in Brooklyn. The event will showcase the FLTBYS apparel brand, and an impromptu cypher by emerging hip-hop artists. Kota the Friend will also perform during the cypher.

The FLTBYS Pop Up Showcase is an invite only event, but there are a limited number of RSVP tickets available at this link, while they last.

The FLTBYS website can be found at



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