Celebrate Crazy Hat Day with DJ Tony At The Canarsie Adult Center On Friday, January 11th!

Posted By Pia Fergus

DJ Tony will be dj’ng the crazy hat party at the Canarsie Adult Day Center on Friday, January 11th!

Check below for all other cool events happening this week!

Tuesday 1/8:
-10:30-11:00- 7 Up!
-11:00-11:55- Deer Painting Craft
-12:00-12:55- Yoga
-1:00-1:30- Lunch
-1:30-2:00- Conversation Box

Wednesday 1/9:
-Fire Safety For Seniors all day

Thursday 1/10:
-10:30-11:00- Simon Says
-11:00-11:55- Did you know?
-12:00-12:55- Chair Exercise
-1:00-1:30- Lunch
-1:30-2:00- Bingo

1880 Rockaway Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11236
(718) 513-0776
(718) 298-3134

Information/Image via traditionhomecare.com + Pinterest

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