Check Out These 3 New Brooklyn Breweries!


“If you have a pulse, you’ve probably noticed that Brooklyn has become rife with breweries in the past five years. The likes of Brooklyn breweries such as Other Half, Interboro, Threes, KCBC and Greenpoint Beer & Ale have been churning out ample amounts of ales and lagers, many of which not only become fast favorites among Brooklyn’s beer drinkers, but are sought out by beer aficionados around the country and globe.

One of the many great things about beer is that you can never really have too much of it in a big city, particularly in one like New York, where the beer scene is burgeoning and the breweries-per-capita is still surprisingly low compared to other beer towns like San Diego or Denver.

What that means for us is that when it comes to Brooklyn breweries, the beer bubble isn’t bursting just yet, with new craft beer businesses continuing to pop up around the boroughs. In fact, before summer’s end, Brooklyn will be home to three new Brooklyn breweries, Circa Brewing Co., Five Boroughs Brewing Co. and Randolph Beer DUMBO, bringing the borough brewery count to a total of 13 and counting, and each is offering a unique take on the craft beer craze.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve chatted with each of the upcoming breweries about what’s in store for the rest of the summer, as well as what to expect from Brooklyn’s three newest beer makers both in brewery design as well as what’s in the glass.”

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