City Council Candidate Nikki Lucas Says This is Not The Time To Sit Back and Believe The System is Now Fair After Chauvin Guilty Verdict

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photo provided by Nikki Lucas campaign

Below is the official statement about the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, submitted to NYC Newswire, by City Council Candidate Nikki Lucas of the 42nd District, covering East New York, Brownsville, Canarsie and East Flatbush.

Although I feel justice has been served, to some extent, in the murder of George Floyd, with former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty on all three charges, this does not bring George Floyd back.  The verdict does not bring the many others back who have been murdered at the hands of police officers across the country, as well as right here in New York City.

This is not the time to sit back and believe the system is now all of a sudden fair.  This is the time to go full steam ahead with Real Police Reform Legislation that will stop the basic harassment, disrespect and assault on communities of color.  These violations of human dignity are a deeper problem that people of color face daily.

I will continue to push my ‘21st Century Rescue Plan for East Brooklyn‘,  which includes Real Police Reform that would see police officers with three substantiated complaints automatically removed from the NYPD. This plan makes so much sense, especially when we know that there is racism within the NYPD and police forces throughout the United States. We can no longer sit back while our communities are disrespected, harassed and assaulted on a daily basis. This disrespect eventually leads to physical assault and in some cases, death. 

We need real legislation and policy changes in order to see real change in policing in New York City.  There must be real accountability.  It is not enough to be happy about creating legislation to get officers to stop choking us to death.  That’s not a win.  We need officers to treat us with respect and dignity. They need to understand that harassment of hard working taxpaying citizens is not going to be tolerated on any level. Once we stop the harassment and disrespect, the chokings and deaths will stop, but it will only happen through strong legislation. 

Join me by Signing the Pledge to support the 21st Century Rescue Plan for East Brooklyn, including Real Police Reform.

Real Police Reform cannot be watered down, nor can it be pushed back another four years.

Read my 21st Century Rescue Plan for East Brooklyn’ – please share with your neighbors.

Thank You!
– Nikki Lucas

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