Coney Island Can Vote To Receive $40,000 for Frontline Mental Health Advocacy through Barber Shops & Salons

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New York City is investing $40,000 each, into various neighborhoods across the city, including Coney Island.  Residents and students have the opportunity to vote on how the funds are spent.

There is an option for $40,000 to be spent to support mental health awareness in Coney Island. If this is an option that you support then you can vote on this option. The deadline is January 17, 2022. You can Vote Online.

This particuar project will increase awareness of mental illness and reduce stigma in Coney Island by partnering with local barbers and hair salon businesses. They will work with 19 barber shops and 17 salons to serve as a frontline on mental health and to distribute mental health related educational materials in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese to their customers, and will use social media to promote this partnership. These barber shops and hair salon business owners reach over 5,000 individuals collectively in one weeks’ time directly benefiting diverse young boys, girls, women, and men. Vote Online


The City of New York is investing $1.3M to support recovery in the 33 neighborhoods hardest hit by COVID-19.  This citywide neighborhood coalition initiative is being led by the NYC Taskforce for Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE), Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) and Young Men’s Initiative. Residents living, working, or going to school in one of these communities will get to decide how to spend $40,000 of public funds in their neighborhood. These investments will support our communities and contribute to a more fair recovery. The ballot items include projects focused on priority areas identified by residents in each community, including mental health, reducing gun violence, youth programming, and hunger.

If you want to speak to someone about the program, as it relates to the Canarsie, Flatlands or Coney Island area you can contact Southern Community Development Corp at (212)470-6598.

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