Coney Island Residents Can Vote on How to Spend $40,000 in Their Neighborhood

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As part of New York City’s Civic Engagement Commission, in partnership with NYC Taskforce for Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE), and the Young Men’s Initiative, Coney Island residents and students have an opportunity to vote to decide how to spend $40,000 to help your neighborhood.

You have an opportunity to vote on one of three programs to be implemented in Coney Island. The winning program will receive the $40,000. The deadline to vote is January 17, 2022.

3 Programs to Vote On:

  1. Mental Health Support App for Youth
    The goal of this project is to reduce mental illness stigma among youth 12-24 years old by creating a mental health education app with a downloadable list of mental health resources or therapists within the Coney Island Zip Codes of 11224 and 11235. The direct beneficiaries will be all Coney Island residents and our youth specifically.
  2. Frontline Mental Health Advocacy through Barber Shops & Salons
    This project will increase awareness of mental illness and reduce stigma in Coney Island by partnering with local barbers and hair salon businesses. We will work with 19 barber shops and 17 salons to serve as a frontline on mental health and to distribute mental health related educational materials in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese to their customers, and will use social media to promote this partnership. Our barber shops and hair salon business owners reach over 5,000 individuals collectively in one weeks’ time directly benefiting diverse young boys, girls, women, and men.
  3. Coney Island Youth & Family Movement for Mental Health
    Create ten immersion events over a three-day period to promote mental health and well-being among youth 12-24 years old and their families. The events will include educational presentations by trained mental health professionals, healthy eating and healthy cooking, yoga, massage, and other activities to promote mental health. Local mental health providers will be engaged to share their information, provide referrals, and answer questions. This program will enlist youth of color and their families as change agents to bridge the gap in Black and Brown communities between unmet mental health needs and mental health care.

See Details & VOTE HERE for Coney Island residents!

Southern Community Development Corp is the organization that is facilitating community outreach for Coney Island, Canarsie and Flatlands. If you are in any of those neighborhoods and have questions about voting, or would like someone to bring you information about the program, call (212)470-6598.

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