DeBlasio Administration Fighting Against Communities Of Color by Continuing To Keep NYPD Racial Quotas In Place At a Time When Residents Want Police Reform

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On this past weekend’s livestream episode of VOICES of East New York With Nikki Lucas, NYPD Lieutenant Edwin Raymond expressed how New York City and the DeBlasio administration continue to fight against a lawsuit that accuses the NYPD of blatant racial quotas that encourage harassment by the NYPD. Viewers of the show were surprised to learn that DeBlasio and his administration are still fighting this case, while at the same time talking about Police Reform. The consensus among the viewers was, how can you talk about Police Reform while defending the NYPD racial quota system in court. The hypocrisy is surprising but not shocking. Many feel if DeBlasio is fighting against this lawsuit then he is fighting to keep NYPD racial quotas in place.  Watch the full interview below.

Lt. Raymond is one of the NYPD 12, twelve brave New York City police officers who are suing the City and NYPD over forced racial quotas (a program and practice the NYPD insists does not exist) that filed a class action lawsuit against the NYPD nearly five years ago, alleging that the department has targeted and harassed communities of color to keep up with quotas put in place by the NYPD brass.  You can watch the award winning  Crime + Punishment Documentary free on Hulu, which includes Lt. Raymond and the other NYPD officers who filed the suit.

During the 1 1/2 hour live interview on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas,  Lt. Raymond talked about his experiences within the NYPD after bringing the lawsuit, how he was still able to become a Lieutenant and why he is now running to become a New York City Council Member.

When asked if any elected officials supported his fight against racial quotas against the NYPD Raymond stated, “primarily Jumaane Williams and in some ways Eric Adams, but primarily Jumaane. Others that I had hoped would have supported me, didn’t. This is part of the reason I decided to become an elected official myself.”

Raymond is currently running to become a City Council Member in the 40th District, which covers Flatbush, East Flatbush and other areas of Brooklyn. You can go to his candidate website for more information on his candidacy at Raymond is the frontrunner in the race, raising more money that any candidate and has amassed the largest number of individual donors (over 1,300).

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