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1950’s era photo of Mr. Johnson and one of their 2 sets of twins

The Marcy Houses Memorial Scholarship Fund (“MHMSF”) was created by the Johnson Family, former residents of The Marcy, in the hope of honoring the opportunities that were provided to the Johnson Family while pursuing higher education.

Valerie Johnson, Board Chair, stated, “the MHMSF honors the memory of our family members who have passed on. In so many ways, the Marcy Projects (as it was called back in the day) is foundational to our family story. We’ve moved on from The Marcy, and the generations have produced veterans, nurses, a doctor, other health care professionals, teachers, a banker, a stock broker, college administrator, parole officer, lawyers, legal secretaries, a landscape architect, contractor, firewoman, event planner, and entrepreneurs. Our family is grateful and would like to give back.”


The purpose of the Marcy Houses Scholarship Fund is to help low income graduating high school students be successful in college and technical school by providing financial and mentoring support. 

Johnson added, “we feel so strongly that whether it’s a trade school, a community college, or a major university, education plays an enormously important role in improving our lot in life.”

The Marcy Houses Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. will provide a source of support for low income students who reside in the Marcy Houses and who are candidates for attending either (1) an accredited college or university in pursuit of an associates or bachelor’s degree or (2) a registered trade or vocational school. The support offered by the Marcy Houses Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. will be in the form of scholarships and ongoing mentoring to encourage and motivate students to complete a course of study or training leading to improved economic and social well-being.

For anyone interested in applying or making a secure donation to The Marcy Houses Memorial Scholarship Fund: PLEASE VISIT WWW.MARCYSCHOLARSHIP.ORG .

The Marcy Houses Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a tax exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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