FREE Gentle Dance Exercise for Health Class in Cobble Hill Brooklyn Thursdays at 5:30PM

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FREE! Moving For Life Dance Exercise for Health® hosted and underwritten by Zwanger Pesiri Radiology.  The free classes take place in Brooklyn, at Zwanger-Pesiri’s Cobble Hill location at 205 Smith St., in Brooklyn, every Thursday at 5:30 pm through June 13th.

This gentle dance aerobics class designed by Movement Therapist Martha Eddy EdD starts with a gentle warm-up, works up to gentle dance aerobics (can be done seated or standing), and followed by a cool-down. Connect with your center, challenge and improve your flexibility, balance, range of motion and strength through accessible dance moves.

Classes strive to create a safe, non-intimidating environment with great music and exercise can be done standing or seated. You are encouraged to do what is comfortable and modify based on your energy level, range-of-motion or fitness level. We start where you are at, so don’t worry if you haven’t been moving. Cancer survivors, supporters and care-givers are especially encouraged to attend (class is generally approved for those in treatment as long as you are at least 6-weeks past surgery, ask your doctor!). Class is open to all in the community!

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