HealthJox Foundation Launched Its First Food Drive in Brownsville in Partnership With Exousia Cathedral

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To commemorate the innocent lives that were lost on the infamous day of 9/11, the founder of HealthJox Foundation, Inc. Dewry Bradford partnered with host Bishop Lester Bradford, Home Missions PresidentPastor Constance Wright, Senior Pastor Janette Bradford and Coordinator/Secretary Kayla Swindell of Exousia Cathedral launched their first Food Giveaway for the Community of Brownsville, Brooklyn.  Bishop Bradford’s heart is focused on the poor and underserved in the Community which ligns up directly with the mission of HealthJox Foundation, Inc. (Watch the Video Below)
As a new 501(c)(3) non profit established in January 2021, HealthJox Foundation, Inc. forged great relationships with organizations who function as resources of farmers markets produce Fenix Community Fridge located in Queens NY, UA3 based on Grand Avenue in Manhattan and Brooklyn Borough Hall.
With volunteers from Exousia Cathedral: Minister Nahtifa King, Minister Glendora Ceballos, Deacon Trever Walker, Deacon Jose Augustine, Minister Danielle Bradford, Minister Jinnill Thompson and Minister Debby Albert Semple.  Bishop Lester Bradford plans to giveaway digital tablets to Community Members who are on public assistance during the next giveaway.

Content Distributed by: NYC Newswire

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