hiphop-101-told-first-hand-57HIP-HOP 101 : TOLD IT FIRST HAND

Hip-Hop is a place where politics, fashion, music, art and all culture all intersect. Wes Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and President of Brooklyn Bodega, hosts this series, TOLD IT FIRST HAND, where he sits down with artists, executives, writers and entrepreneurs who work behind the scenes and ‘above the line’ in Hip-Hop.


TOLD IT FIRST HAND kicks off at Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS) in downtown Brooklyn with Buckshot and Evil D of the legendary group Black Moon. They will sit down to talk about the 20th Anniversary of their debut album, ‘Enta Da Stage’, the art of rhyme, the art of production, re-establishing Brooklyn as a cultural hub, The Boot Camp Clik, making Timberland cool, and more.


How have these two artists been able to survive together and separately over two decades that has seen most of the contemporaries fall by the wayside? Join the conversation on November 21st!

128 Pierrepont Street Brooklyn, New York 11201

November 21, 2013 Thursday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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