Income Requirements of A $90,240 – $227,630 For Affordable Housing in Brownsville Hits New Highs

Posted By Jonathan Freeman

We all know that “affordable” housing is not a real thing in New York City, but this newly announced “affordable housing” development on New York City’s Housing Connect, which is New York City’s official affordable housing platform, cannot be real.

Here’s the Announcement on the NYC Housing Connect Website

456 Blake Avenue Apartments is offering 3 newly constructed units in Brooklyn. New York City is committed to the principle of inclusivity in all of its neighborhoods, including supporting New Yorkers to reside in neighborhoods of their choice, regardless of their neighborhood of origin and regardless of the neighborhood into which they want to move. To request an application by mail, send a self-addressed envelope to 456 Blake Avenue Apartments C/O Reside New York, 349 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Only send one application per development. The tenant is responsible for electricity including electric stove, electric heat, and electric hot water.

Affordable Housing Program

This building is anticipated to receive a Tax Exemption through the 421a Tax incentive program of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

What you should consider

The 421a Tax Incentive means the developers are receiving Tax Breaks.

The fact that rents start at $2,520 for 1 bedroom tells you all you need to know. Brownsville and East New York have quietly been on the road to gentrification, but this makes it loud and clear that gentrification is official in the last 2 neighborhoods in NYC, which had been somewhat affordable. Who do we blame? Elected officials? Yes. Elected officials are supposed to be advocates for the people, but the lobbyists have gotten in their pockets through donations to campaigns. “The People” do not have a lobbyist, but the truth is the elected officials are supposed to be their lobbyists.

If you want to see the list of “affordable” apartments for this listing click here.

Something has to change when tenants and homeowners are both unhappy. The only ones who are happy these days are developers and politicians. If you are a renter or homeowner, you must look to your elected official to find out what they are doing and from whom they are accepting money. If they are accepting money from developers or hotel lobbyists, then they are not advocating for you.



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