Look Through A Selection Of Great Wines At Gnarly Vines!

Posted By Pia Fergus

“To produce great wine, a vine has to suffer. Old, gnarled vines survive inhospitable growing conditions by developing deep, complex root systems that twist and turn through rock and soil in search of water and nutrients. These low-yielding vines produce smaller, more concentrated grapes, resulting in a more complex, intense and memorable wine.

To say that the best wines come from gnarly vines is not a slogan – it’s a fact.”

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350 Myrtle Avenue (between Carlton & Adelphi)
Phone – 718.797.3183 | Email – contact@gnarlyvines.com
Sun – Tues: Noon – 9pm | Wed – Fri: Noon – 10pm
Sat: 10am – 10pm

Information/Image via gnarlyvines.com + Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership 

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