Officers In East New York’s 75th Precinct Fabricating Evidence, Lying to The DA and Racking Up 1,364 Complaints Still Get Promotions and Raises

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Many residents who live or travel through East New York are well aware of the abuse and disrespect that comes from NYPD officers of the notoriously corrupt 75th Precinct. The precinct has an incredibly high number of complaints, substantiated abuses and lawsuits that impact the city’s bottom line, financially.

In spite of their abuses of the community and financial costs to the city, officers whose abuses have been confirmed through the weak CCRB continue to receive promotions and raises.

The question has to be, where are all the elected officials who have the power to change the laws. The NYPD Captains, Lieutenants, Commissioner, along with the the elected officials, including the Mayor should be tossed out of their positions after reading the scathing report by The Intercept. Why do elected officials continue to march with the people when they are the ones who have the power to change legislation?  How does that make sense? Who are they marching to? They are the ones to legislate the laws. Elected officials marching is like a corrupt officer participating in a march against police brutality.  YOU are corrupt for being a part of a system that allows this abuse.

Here are excerpts of an in-depth article from The Intercept.  See the link to the full scathing report below.

There have been 1,364 allegations of misconduct against the 75th Precinct logged with the CCRB. In contrast, the neighboring 73rd Precinct has 688; the 69th, also adjacent, has 418. The 104th and 102th Precincts have 170 and 182 complaints, respectively. Many other precincts have under 50. The 78th Precinct, which covers the tony neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, has only 46.

Andrew Case, a former CCRB spokesperson, said suspensions are exceedingly rare. He once oversaw a complaint by a man who was beaten from behind by an officer with a baton with so much force, it ruptured his spleen. The officer barely faced consequences. “He got 10 vacation days docked,” Case said. “That’s their idea of what discipline should be.

Not only did officers in the 75th Precinct with substantiated charges go undisciplined, but they also continued to make more and more money — both from raises and by harnessing NYPD’s infamous use of overtime pay.

Every officer from the 75th Precinct who had complaints that were “substantiated with charges” got multiple raises in the years following the conclusion of their CCRB investigations, according to The Intercept’s analysis. More than half got raises the same year the CCRB substantiated complaints against them. Almost all of the officers in question also racked up thousands of dollars more in overtime pay than they had earned the year before complaints against them.

Take Grieco, who is known by the nickname “Bullethead.” In 2014, the year after the most serious CCRB complaint against him was substantiated, Grieco made $50,279 in overtime, up from $24,706 the year before. In 2015, he made $74,125 in overtime, nearly doubling his income over his salary of $78,026. Then came the promotions.

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