Overpass a Brooklyn Based Tech Startup Announces Local Launch in New York City

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Brooklyn, NY —  Aug 31st, 2018 —  Overpass, a Brooklyn-based tech startup, announced today its official local launch in the New York area. Founded as a virtual call-center marketplace for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, Overpass provides a new way to facilitate sales and lead generation operations while revolutionizing the traditional way to hire, manage, and pay communication workers. This launch will benefit the small business community while strengthening the local job market.

Overpass’ unique combination of a freelancer marketplace and call-center software, gives businesses the confidence and flexibility needed to hire local or international at-home workers for any amount of time, with any budget, and no long-term commitment. Having access to the Overpass marketplace gives business owners the opportunity to finally test out the campaigns that they have been struggling to get off the ground. The reality is that many entrepreneurs do not have the time or budget to find qualified workers that can help generate leads, set appointments, execute sales, and facilitate other activities. Overpass provides businesses with easy to use enterprise level technology at rates significantly less than the cost of what they would have to pay otherwise. In tandem, the marketplace opens up job opportunities to local workers who are seeking to work from home and earn respectable wages.

“When it comes to an all-in-one communication platform with integrated access to talent and technology, there is simply no better solution.” Said Lavie Popack, CEO of Overpass. “It’s definitely going to be a long road ahead because we are embarking on a huge endeavor, but we are in a great place right now and our clients are excited about what we’re doing.”

As a founder and CEO, Lavie Popack built a strong business dealing with distributive sales teams. However, he came to the realization that there are many hurdles that small businesses face daily with infrastructure costs, making calls, setting appointments, and other communication based operational activities. After facing the jarring realities of building a telecommuting team, Lavie decided to create Overpass to eliminate these challenges for other business owners.

Overpass is working with a well-known fundraising platform to connect many nonprofits in their network to Overpass’ call-center software. Overpass has already contributed to the success of many fundraising campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and charities. This collaboration will help Overpass expand their operations to a lot more charitable organizations that will give back to the local community.

Lavie Popack was interviewed by The K-Factor podcast to discuss his entrepreneurial start and path to creating Overpass. To listen to the podcast click here.


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