Polls Show NYC Voters Overwhelmingly Support Term Limits for Mayor and Governor

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The results of this recently completed New York City-wide survey show that NYC voters overwhelmingly support term limits for mayor of New York City, Governor and the state legislature. Support for term limits is broad across all political and demographic groups. An overwhelming sixty-seven percent of voters approve of 8-year term limits for mayor while only fifteen percent support a twelve-year term limit. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed support enacting 8-year term limits for the Governor of New York and seventy-five percent support implementing 8-year term limits on the state legislature.

Currently, term limits on the New York City mayor and City Council members prevent anyone from serving more than eight years in an office. A proposal has been made to lengthen the limit so that the Mayor and council members can serve for up to 12 years. Do you prefer term limits of 8 years or 12 years?

In 2009 Mayor Bloomberg was able to get an extra term as he served 3 terms (12 years) as New York City’s Mayor. New York City Council members also enjoyed an extra term during that time.

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