Renee Collymore Calls for Emergency Clinton Hill Town Hall To Discuss Massive Migrant Shelters in the Neighborhood

Many migrants hang out at Washington Hall Park. Photo: Kaya Laterman for BK Reader
Posted By Samantha Thompson

Hon. Renee Collymore and Neighbors of Clinton Hill are hosting a Town Hall in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn to discuss the massive migrant shelters that have opened in the neighborhood.  The Town Hall is set for Monday May 6, 2024, AT BROWN MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH. ENTRANCE AT 52 GATES AVE bet Waverly & Washington Ave. 6:30pm 

Collymore sent a flyer to residents of Clinton Hill, informing them of this important Town Hall.  The message read as follows:

Mayor Adams and Councilmember Crystal Hudson Never Told Us

Mayor Adams and Councilmember Hudson never told us a migrant shelter was coming to Clinton Hill. It opened by surprise in July 2023 at 47 Hall Street. It’s massive600,000 square feet, for 3,000 migrants in a complex of 10 buildings, a block long. We’ve heard 47 Hall St. is positioned to become NYC’s largest shelter ever, housing as many as 10,000 people. At 3,000 it’s already three times larger than most NYC shelters.  Most hold 1,000, like the Roosevelt Hotel. We’re paying the Roosevelt owner, the nation of Pakistan, $220,000,000 for 1,000 rooms for 3 years. How much would we be paying RXR Realty for 47 Hall St for 10,000 migrants for eight years? No one has told us but we know it will be well over $220,000,000.

Another shelter opened on Ryerson St. last month. Apparently 750 migrants have been moved in.

City Hall’s lack of transparency is causing problems of trust in the Mayor and our Councilmember, on top of the problems that a large, badly managed facility inevitably brings. Some of the complaints from the community involve increased crime, trash noise,  as well as overcrowding of adult men hanging in and around the brand new Washington Hall Park, which was built for the children who live in the neighborhood.

The Town Hall is an effort to try to push pass the city’s disingenuousness about these ad hoc lodgings and open a fresh and free discussion on their impact on the neighborhood and what to do about it.

All people and all ideas are welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you on May 6th! For more information call (917)353-2990.

Hon. Renee Collymore & Neighbors of Clinton Hill

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