Rough Terrain: The Opening Of East New York’s First Skate Shop

East New York Gets Its First Skate Shop

skate shoppe

The brand new Lord Barker skate shop located in East New York is a real community gem. Being that it’s the first shop of it’s kind in the area, the locals are responding to it almost immediately, showing love and supporting Joshua Barker and Dave Gonz by checking out the shop and buying what may be their first skateboards.

Brooklyn directors aiP and Chimp partnered up with skate brand ®fltbys to produce a documentary on the shop, showing insight on how the East New York community is responding to the new culture, how they plan on expanding and the owners thoughts on how the skate shop will bring positivity to the neighborhood.

Check it out below, and make sure to stop by the Lord Barker skate shop when you have a chance!

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Lord Barker Skate Shop

535 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

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