Jamal Jackson Dance Company’s new work, Bask in The Shade, is a piece that explores the “benchmark” for certain levels of acceptance and inclusion into various social circles. This work takes an in-depth look at the influence of the surroundings on the individual while also challenging external and internal physical boundaries. Bask in The Shade investigates the layers and complexities of intraracial and interracial cohesion. The use of traditional Malian movement combined with an evolved contemporary African technique helps show the tug of war between more traditional and modern values. Bask in The Shade, highlights, the individual’s differences, celebrates those differences, and shows how those independent traits help create a larger community.

General Admission – $20.00

Price $20.00

Age Suitability – None Specified
Location – The Actors Fund Arts Center Brooklyn, NY
Date – Friday Nov. 15
Saturday Nov. 16
Sunday Nov. 17

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