The 6 Best Places for a BK Picnic

6 Best Places For a Brooklyn Picnic

Summer is almost over (sigh), but it’s not quite there yet! You deserve some fun. Why not take an extra-long lunch break or spend an entire day outdoors? While you’re at it, consider one of these beautiful locations for a good ‘ole picnic. Bask in the last ounce of goodness summer has to offer.

  1. Sunset Park sunset park

Just a train or bike ride away, this immense park has everything you need: fields, volleyball, a swimming pool, and fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline, Lady Liberty, Staten Island and NJ. Of course, part of the charm is in its name. You will lose yourself in the beauty of a sunset in this spot.


Places to Grab Eats Nearby: Puebla Mini Market (3908 5th Ave), Ines Bakery (948 4th Ave), El Tenampa Deli Grocery (706 4th Ave),Ba Xuyên (4222 8th Ave), Great Taste Dumpling
(4317 8th Ave)


  1. McCarren Park mccarren

With a pool, various sports fields, and actual picnic tables, this park is a great choice. It’s nice and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of North Brooklyn, and very scenic.

Places to Grab Eats Nearby: Saltie (378 Metropolitan Ave), Briskettown (359 Bedford Ave), Bedford Cheese Shop (141 N 4th St)



  1. Great Lawn in Prospect Park prospect

There are so many places to choose from within Brooklyn’s biggest park, but Great Lawn has the largest stretch of meadow. It also has the biggest Greenmarket every Saturday. So, bring a kite, Frisbee or grill and get the picnic going!


Places to Grab Eats Nearby: Grab Specialty Foods (438 7th Ave), Bklyn Larder (228 Flatbush Ave), Blue Apron Foods (814 Union St)



  1. Gerritsen Inlet in Marine Park marine

There’s much more to do here than picnic, like watching boats depart into the waters of Dead Horse Bay and talking with your friends about why such a beautiful area is called Dead Horse Bay. You can always just let the calming waters soothe you while you eat.


Places to Grab Eats Nearby: Roll ‘n’ Roaster (2901 Emmons Ave)



  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park bk bridge

Can you believe this place was underwater after Hurricane Sandy struck? Well, look at it now. Right by the water’s edge, there’s a great view of the bridge and some marine activity. You can even ride the carousel if that’s your thing.


Places to Grab Eats Nearby: Juliana’s Pizza (19 Old Fulton St), Peas & Pickles (101 Washington St)



  1. Fort Greene Park fort greene

Take a bite out of history with this spot. Originally used as military stronghold (hence the name), this park was officially designated Brooklyn’s first official park in 1847. Set your picnic up behind the tennis courts on the park’s sloping hills.


Places to Grab Eats Nearby: Luz (177 Vanderbilt Ave), The Smoke Joint (87 S Elliott Pl). Also, Picnycs (picnic delivery service) will deliver your food to this park! Try it now at


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