Sky Gondola In Brooklyn Could Become New Form Of Transportation

A Sky Gondola In Brooklyn Could Possibly Become Your Next Choice Of Transportation


A newly proposed sky gondola would be able to get you from Brooklyn to Manhattan in less than four minutes!

Brooklyn real estate executive Daniel Levy (president of the East River Skyway, and real estate site City Realty) is proposing the sky gondola idea at a Brooklyn Real Estate summit today with hopes of it becoming a reality soon. The sky gondola would be able to transport and accommodate more than 5,000 people every hour in both route directions. The estimated cost to build it would be between $75 million and $100 million, and Daniel stated that the first route would go from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan.

“(It) would be a relatively inexpensive and quickly deployable solution, It is essential to adapt New York City’s transportation system to serve residents in these booming areas.”-Daniel Levy (Quote via

Not a bad idea!

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