Alloy Development Moving Forward With Big Plans for Downtown Brooklyn

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by W. Bernal

Approximately four years in the planning, Alloy Development is energetically moving forward on one of their most ambitious projects, Alloy Block, (at 80 Flatbush Ave on the corner of State St), centered along Flatbush Ave in Downtown Brooklyn. Alloy’s CEO and Founder, Jared Della Valle, recently shared with Crain’s

We’re committed to making Brooklyn beautiful, sustainable and equitable, and as the city recovers from the pandemic we hope the Alloy Block will set the standard for progressive, thoughtful development.”

With $240 million in financing secured, Alloy proudly announced initial construction plans for their massive multi-building, mixed-use complex which, among its many local community benefits, will include:

  • Five residential buildings offering 850 new rental apartments.
  • Over 40K square feet of new retail space.
  • Approximately 200K square feet of office space.
  • Two new public schools. (in full compliance with Passive House standards for energy efficiency)

In addition to these community benefits the entire complex is committed to environmental sustainability as well as energy efficiency with all residential apartments—ranging from studios to three bedrooms in size with 396 market-rate and 45 affordable apartments—featuring all natural material construction, oversize windows allowing for sunlight, along with all functions of the building which would standardly deploy gas (heat pump dryers, cooktops, etc.) replaced by electricity to meet or exceed Alloy’s goal of Brooklyn’s first entirely carbon neutral, all-electric residential building.

With all construction design and features developed in full partnership with the local nonprofit Fifth Avenue Committee, upscale building amenities for all residents will also include-

  • Flexible working space available as needed.
  • An all-purpose fitness center maintained for safety and security.
  • A secure rooftop pool available to residents only.

Along with their residential buildings the neighborhood will also benefit from the construction of a new elementary school at the 489 State Street site and another school building which will serve as the new home of the Khalil Gibran International Academy at the 380 Schermerhorn Street site. Both schools are designed by the Architecture Research Office and will be the first Passive House public schools in Brooklyn, meeting or exceeding the highest standards of energy efficiency.

Reflecting on Alloy’s commitment to environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and neighborhood enhancement through expansion, CEO Jared Della Valle went on to say-

“When it comes to taking the environmental impact of buildings seriously, building truly affordable housing in wealthy, transit-rich neighborhoods and creating healthier school environments, we are proud to play a leading role as we begin construction on the Alloy Block.”

Although in September of 2018 the Alloy Block plans initially met with typical NYC zoning hurdles, the New York City zoning subcommittee recently approved the rezoning application to allow for construction of the complex in its entirety following Alloy’s agreement to reduce the completed height of two buildings—one from 986 feet to 840 feet and the other from 560 feet to 510 feet—in order to appease community concerns and assure the complex’s progress would move forward in the neighborhood. To further demonstrate good neighborhood faith, Alloy also restructured original plans, reconfiguring 100,000 square feet of office space for 200 additional residential apartments as well as allowing for the preservation of two historically significant, 19th-century structures on Schermerhorn Street.

As of this writing Phase One construction—which will include the public schools and four of the residential buildings—is expected to be completed in 2024, with no timeline provided as of yet for Phase Two, which will add another residential building and Alloy Block’s office tower.

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