#ArtistToWatch: Sim The Shooter

Sim The Shooter is a photographer from Brooklyn who’s distinct photography style caught our attention! Check out our interview with Sim below!

Brooklyn Buzz: Sim The Shooter sounds like a bad ass photography name. What was the inspiration behind it?

Sim The Shooter: “Sim The Shooter” literally struck like lightning. Literally. My middle name is Simone and I came up with an alias that would better accommodate “Simone”. Live and direct.

BB: How did you get into photography? (Who/what inspired you)

STS: I never planned to become a photographer but I was always skilled in graphic design and already had an extensive portfolio in digital retouching for others. It was only but a matter of time before I asked myself “why am I not retouching my own photos?”

BB: You have a very distinct editing style when it comes to your photos. The photos look very clear but also very nostalgic with your use of grain in some of the images. What goes through your mind when you’re editing?

STS: To be honest, the intention is always to maintain the natural essence of the moment. To keep it as raw and authentic as possible.

BB: I know that you have some background in graphic design. How do you incorporate your graphic design skills into your photography?

STS: Growing up I always preferred to look at the bigger picture of things. Graphic design over the years has enabled me to pay attention to the actual details supporting the big picture. Therefore, I always try to incorporate detail within my photos thanks to the skills I’ve developed from graphic design.

BB: So far, what was your most memorable or favorite photo shoot experience?

STS: That’s a tough one. One night, King Crit, Radamiz & myself were at a studio session in Soho throwing the finishing touches onto the Writeous album. While Radamiz was in the booth recording I walked off to observe the historical ambience surrounding me. The studio happens to be the home of a very legendary music producer who worked with Biggie, Eminem and DMX. Platinum plaques graced the walls as I toured the halls and I noticed a beautiful throne chair in the corner of a room, and without second thought I went back into the session and told King Critical “take your seat.”

BB: Describe your ideal photo opportunity. Who would it be with, where? Doing what?

STS: Paper magazineInterview magazine, and definitely Vogue. If granted the chance, those covers would be “LLAMAS”.

BB: Where are you from and where do you reside? Do you think your environment plays a part in your photography style?

STS: My roots ascend from Brooklyn. (Deadass, lol) but I’m Everywhere.

BB: How can people get in contact with you for a shoot?

STS: “Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me.” Facebook: Keyona Simone | Instagram: @SimTheShooter

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