Bodies in Motion: An Afternoon of Dance and Performance Art At BRIC On December 17th!

“Join us for an afternoon of dance and performance art in conjunction with the BRIC Biennial: Volume II exhibition. There will be performances by Jonathan Allen and Maria Hupfield.

Maria Hupfield, 4 Lines in 4 Directions, 2016

The work 4 Lines in 4 Directions includes a 15min performance by Maria Hupfield in which she will focus on being in good relations to place. Centered around the number 4 this work will move through a combination of scored and unscored representational and abstract movement, visualities and verbalizations that reference systems of structure and contemporary living. Hupfield grounds her work in everyday materials and experiences; during her live performances items displayed in the gallery acquire new meaning. 4 Lines in 4 Directions is comprised of 4 wood planks and the following industrial felt custom made components by the artist: a hand-cut circular floral motif, silhouette of the artist crouching, and pair of moccasins.

Jonathan Allen, Founders
A series of poetic and absurd evocations of specific founders of New York City contemporary art institutions.”

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