Check Out The Caribbean Vibes At Ital Kitchen


Ital Kitchen actually sells life energy. The authentic Caribbean cool is free. Though located in teeming Crown Heights, hospitable greetings from Chef Ingrid, muted tropical colors, soothing rhythms and a no-obligations vibe set you at ease. Order from a melting-pot menu of pure, organic foods and you have begun to refuel as nature intended. The pleasantly simple interior and personal attention encourages unpretentiousness and engagement as exemplified by a corner chess board setup for two. Ignore your smartphone. Focus instead on savoring the scent of tangy spices, sauces and comestibles slow-cooked and awaiting the moment of your desire. Notice the ultimate testament to the appeal of Ital Kitchen’s home-styled cooking in the brisk take-out trade among discerning locals. Unfazed by a vegetarian menu, they call out for the generously portioned mainstays like the Ital Veggie Jerk Chicken with island-flavor jerk sauce or moist Veggie Burgers or Kale Salad with raw pear and piquant shallot vinaigrette. Taken with palate-cleansing crimson sorrel or the peerless homemade lemonade, they feel well-fed and know they will yet reap rest-of-the-day reward in increase of vitality – an experience usually reserved for country folk. Ital Kitchen is the simple democracy of sturdy food taken from the earth, its true nature discovered, prepared and served with humility so that those who partake are reminded of our common humanity.”

1032 Union St. Brooklyn NY 11225

Tues-Thur 3pm-11pm,
Fri 3pm-12am
Sat 5pm-12am

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