Check Out “Writing Under the Influence” At Bat Haus On August 8th!

“Drink driving is not cool, but drink writing is!

$10 admission for all-you-can-drink beer and 2 hours in an awesome space to write with others! Writing is often a solitary activity, so join us once a week to share what you’re working on and enjoy beers while writing. Inspired by “Write drunk, edit sober,” a catchy quote commonly misattributed to Ernest Hemingway, this is a fun, casual writing group that also drinks beer. You can come in with something you are currently working on, or participate in suggested writing prompts and creative exercises.

A variety of studies demonstrate that, at a fairly low threshold of alcohol, the brain is actually creatively stimulated in ways the sober brain might not be. In fact, having 0.07% of blood alcohol is considered the sweet spot for creativity (that’s 2-3 drinks). Boost imagination, make some friends with likeminded people, and get those words and ideas flowing.

21+ for beer, but we can provide kombucha or kava for those who don’t drink alcohol, please RSVP to let us know in advance, thanks!”

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