Dj Boston Chery: A Force To Be Reckoned With


The entertainment industry is a hard industry to break into, but once you have successfully entered, you can expect to be a force to be reckoned with. Boston Chery is a Dj, director, socialite, and event planner from Boston, Mas. She currently resides in Brownsville,  Brooklyn, NY, and she’s taking this city by storm with her Dj’ng and videography! At 22 years old, she has already dj’d with radio stations Hot 97, and Power 105.1. She has also been featured on blogs and websites  such as The Fader, Mass Appeal, The Source, and has worked with celebrities such as Diddy, Dame Dash, and Russell Simmons.  She currently Dj’s at PNC radio, while doing her own freelance work simultaneously.

I have recently had the chance to interview this busy lady about her musical interests, and exciting business ventures! Check it out below!

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*Boston Chery is a really catchy name. You originally reside from Boston, is Chery your actual first name? And where do you live now?*
Lol Thank you. I got the nick name Boston in High school, yes I’m originally from Canton, Massachusetts. Chery is my last name, my first name is a secret :x. I’m currently residing in Brooklyn NY.
*As a DJ, I am sure you are constantly updating your music knowledge of whats new and hot at the moment. Who are you feeling right now in the genres of Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Rock?*
I’m really feeling Kendrick, Big Sean, Kanye and Drake, I cant forget the turn up rappers 2Chainz, Future, Juicy J. In pop I’m really digging Kesha and Bruno Mars. R&B .. lol ‘Yonce is killing the game. Also shout outs to the underground artist.
*What kind of events do you dj at at the moment? What kind of events are you hoping to book within the next year?*
This year has been an amazing journey as far as dj’ng. I went from dj’ng at basement parties to dj’ng for The Source mag, Mass Appeal, Fader, a few colleges, charity events for cancer patients, toy drives, opening for MMG Staley, and so much more. I hope to become a tour dj by next year. 
*You also direct music videos, and do videography of all sorts. Who are your favorite film directors, and why?*
I lovee lovee Quentin Tarantino. His movies always have me glued from beginning to end, its always a surprise and never predictable to what the characters are going to do next.
*Where do you see your dj’ing/directing going 5-10 years from now?*
In 5-10 years I see myself continuing as a radio dj, touring and breaking artist, and as directing I see myself shooting music videos for mainstream artist and doing short stories.
*What advice would you give to young dj’s and directors that are trying to get their feet wet in the very competitive field of entertainment?*
The best advice would be to realize that you are your only competition. Don’t hold back from being your best self, focus on your craft, network, build, learn, keep learning.
*Where can we keep up with your progress?*
You can keep up with me on Instagram and twitter at @djbchery and on my Facebook at Also check out to see my work!

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