A New Underground Phenom: A+ Nostaljack



A+ Nostaljack, also known as HighGrades the 1/8th Esquire, is a 20 year old member of the hip hop collective “New Breed Music Group”. He resides in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and enjoys the simple things in life like riding his brothers cruiser and riding his BMX bike, and doing normal 20 year old things, although he knows that he has a bigger plan in mind career wise. Being a part of New Breed Music Group (members consist of Jay Kwev, Trev Kwev and New Breed Dexx), he is often focusing on different music projects, preparing for shows, and as of lately working on his own personal project, which is highly anticipated by his peers and his following.

His EP  “In The Jam” should be out by early 2014, and he has already released a single “10×10” which accompanies a really laid-back, feel good music video. Regarding his EP title, in his own words he explains that the title “In The Jam” is  “an ambiguous metaphor mainly to highlight being in the struggle. But “The Jam” can mean anything from a concert, a show, a party or any type of big event; to something that might be blocking you like traffic, an injury, writers block, or any type of struggle that you might be going through.” The EP will have 7 tracks, and it will feature his New Breed affiliates and will have production from producers Ave Life, Isher Roth, and DGotti.

Below you can check out his interview on the new internet series “Morning Juice”, and his “10×10” music video shot by director Christopher DeCastro.

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” I’m hoping to connect with real people and show them, whether they look at life like a struggle or a big party (or both), the thing that stays constant is continuity. I really hope to change the way people my age look at life and the positions they play in life so that they can achieve more.”

“It only takes an eighth to start an empire.”



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