Dun-Well Doughnuts In Bushwick!

Over 200 Flavors Of Doughnuts At Dun-Well Doughnuts!

boxdoughnuts273x201Dun-Well Doughnuts started as a food craving when Christopher Hollowell (the “Well” in Dun-Well) called up his buddy Dan Dunbar (The “Dun” in Dun-Well) after having watched a Simpson’s anniversary episode that featured Homer’s favorite round confections rather prominently. Having been unable to find a vegan doughnut in NYC that satisfied his craving Christopher and Dan agreed to make their quest to create an amazing doughnut and open NYC’s first all-vegan doughnut shop.

But Christopher and Dan’s journey began long before ruminations of doughnuts. They met while in College in Ithaca New York, where they developed a passion for vegan cooking, and where ultimately the seed to create a compassionate business was planted. The two have traveled across the country by bicycle twice and toured around the world to raise money for affordable housing. Their bond has been formed both through friendship and survival.”

222 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(Montrose L Stop)

Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM
Saturday-Sunday 8AM-7PM

Over 200 including:
French Toast
• Peanut Butter & Jelly
• Berry Blast
• Almond Coco Joy
• Boston Cream
• Glazed
• Peach Cobbler
• Peanut-butter Chocolate
• Pride Doughnut
• Vanilla w/ Sprinkles
• Lemonade
• Rose w/ Dark Lavender
• Mexican Chocolate
• Chocolate Raspberry
• Raspberry Coconut
• Butterfinger
• Death by Chocolate
• Traditional Glazed
• Margarita
• Pecan Pie
• The Elvis
• Raspberry Rose
• Caramel Popcorn
• Cappuccino
• Peach Mango
• Blue Rose
• Cookie Monster
• Chocolate w/ Sprinkles
• Root Beer
• Maple Blueberry
• Lemon Poppy Seed
• Raspberry Pistachio
• Ginger Snap
• Rum Raisin
• Green Tea & Ginger
• Raspberry Cheesecake
• Blueberry
• The Hawaiian
• Smores
• Rose & Cranberry
• Chai Tea
• Strawberry Kiwi
• Earl Grey Tea
• Lychee
• Cadbury® Cream Egg
• Strawberry Sprinkles
• The Red Dragon
• Lavender Lemon Curd
• Blood Orange
• Downton Abbey
• Coconut
• Raspberry
• Jelly-filled
• Cinnamon Sugar
• Chocolate Mint
• Chocolate w/ Peanuts
• Banana Walnut
• Black Licorice
• Peppermint Stick
• Almondine
• Sugared Plum (Fairy)
• Espresso Mocha
• Chocolate w/ Vanilla
• Vanilla w/ Chocolate
• Piña Colada
• Pink Lemonade
• Maple Blueberry
• Sweet Potato Pie
• Tangerine Basil
• Maple Bourbon
• Créme Brule
• German Chocolate Cake
• Black Raspberry
• Candy Bar
• Carrot Cake

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