Enjoy The Night Life At Bembe


“Bembe is a continual experiment of environmental design aimed at bringing people a different approach to nightlife interaction. By using mostly found and recycled objects from the NYC area, AP and DL were able to create a space familiar to many people and their respected cultures. Bembe is a place where many emotions, perspectives, memories and ideas come together.

The combination of global music mixed with a warm and flavorful interior makes Bembe a fresh alternative to lounge culture. Layered with multicultural patrons, enticed with fresh fruit elixirs, and monthly art exhibitions, Bembe creates a colorful canvas rarely seen in NYC nightlife. We can all relate to and more importantly release our innermost expressions when no expectations are involved. From conception and throughout the entire process of building Bembe there was no plan, rule or demographic approach. Relentless determination and creative vision combined with spirit, a supportive staff, music experimentation and diverse people is what made it all come together. Come check us out…Bembe!

Here at Bembe, our Family is as diverse as the cultural fabric that makes up New York City. Everyone who comes to Bembe knows they are part of the Family. When people step through our doors they enter into a variety of eclectic music, weekly percussion sets, specialty house drinks, and opportunities to meet new friends in a welcoming creative environment. We are here to simply share our good intentions with like-minded people. If you just want to be yourself with out all the hype and posturing, then stop on by.”

81 South 6th St.
(corner of Berry St.)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

8:30pm – 3:30am (Mon-Thur)
8:30pm – 4am (Fri-Sun)

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Image via www.bembe.us

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