Get To Know Adrian Daniel of /_\drian Daniel and The Stoners!

Adrian Daniel is the lead singer of the popular band /_\drian Daniel and The Stoners, and they are receiving tons of recognition every time they release new music. The Stoners have been widely recognized by over 100 blogs including Earmilk and IndieNative,  and have also been recognized by sites such as OkayPlayer, AllHipHop and AfroPunk. With a sound consisting of afropunk, soul, alternative pop and dark R&B, their music stands apart from any other sound that is trending at the moment, and Adrian’s style also helps the bands image as it draws listeners closer visually. The Stoners have toured all over NYC, playing at places such as The Brooklyn Museum, Bitter End, The Trash Bar, and more, and they are currently working on their fourth EP, “Memoirs Of A Stoner II”, which is set to release later this summer.
Check out our interview with Adrian below!
-Pia Fergus (@createdbypia)
Pia: As a singer, who were your earliest influences?
Adrian: There are so many; James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Michael Jackson, Sade, Queen, Journey, Marven Gay, Jimi Hendrix. Those were my top favorite singers growing up. It grew as I got older. My mom and family really opened my ears to all kinds of music. 
P: Did you ever do any vocal training? 
A: Yes I did, in college. I still take vocal lessons to this day. You are never to great to stop learning.
P:  How does your family feel about your career choice? 
A: They support me all the way, they are actually super proud of me. Some of my family actually works with me.
P: Your older brother is your manager, do you guys plan on working together in the long run?
A: Well he actually co-manages with my mother, and of course he’s my brother, we see this as a family business and I’m their product (Laughs).
P:  Are you looking to be signed or do you plan to remain independent?
 A: I’m indie now. Labels have contacted me and are trying to sign me now, but I just want to be able to control my art and be compensated appropriately for it. If being independent guarantees me that, then I will stay independent. I’m not in a rush.
P: How did you meet the members of your band?
 A: Through trial an error (laughs). No but really some of these guys and girl, I went to school with or I know through another musical friend. People would always just show up at my rehearsals and start playing and then they would be in the band, then we became a family.
P: What was your first performance like? 
A: The first performance I ever had was at this showcase I through actually. It was so bad, I was playing to tracks with just guitar and drums, and the mics kept going in and out and feeding back. I was doing way too much, and I dressed like an R&B singer with the shades on inside while it was night out. It’s still pretty hard to look at when I reflect on it now.
P: When you are about to perform, what rituals do you do to make sure that you are ready, confident and relaxed?
A: I actually meditate to myself first, then I need some tea. I have my favorite episode of “Adventure Time” on my phone so I watch that next. Then I pray with my band. After that I’m ready to go.
P: Whats the craziest thing that a fan said or did to you?
A: I never had any crazy fan moments, but this one time I had a fan run up on me in the street, after yelling out “Stoners” and scaring the crap out of me, and she gave me a blunt. I didn’t smoke it but she told me she was obsessed with me, which made me a little nervous. I thought it was sweet though, shout out to that girl if your’e reading this.
P: Where do you see yourself and your band in 5-10 years?
A: Being awesome on some mountain. 
P: Will you ever cut your hair and try out a new style?
A: I actually want to grow my hair longer. I don’t really know why, I just think it would look cool if it was long like Jesus’s hair. So I don’t think I will cut it anytime soon.
P: As a singer, do you believe in having a backup plan (school for example)?
A: I believe one should go for what they believe in, but should always be prepared if things don’t go the way you expected. I went to college and left one year from getting my degree. It never hurts to have a backup plan.
P: Give one piece of advice to people who are aspiring musicians/singers.
A: Be Yourself, not what other people think you should be. Just be an awesome you.

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