Hear the Kanye West story, and 16 more free ways to live the good life this week


1. Catch an interview with Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan, then discuss, laugh and get quizzed on politics with Allen McDuffee and John Flowers at 61 Local’s Politics & Pints. (Tuesday)

2. Win free shots and a $50 bar tab just for being your brilliant self at The Grand National’s Trivia Tuesdays. (Tuesday)

3. Legendary lady comics like Phoebe Robinson and Jean Grae will read to you at The Bell House. (Tuesday)

4. Mark Adams, a man who wrote a whole book about searching for Atlantis, talks with the similarly deranged John Hodgman about the whole journey at WORD. (Tuesday)

5. Park Slope Food Coop is screening Seeds of Death, a film about GMOs. You can probably guess what the filmmakers think of them. (Tuesday)

6. Talk about the creativity and social responsibility that goes with making art in public spaces at this Kickstarter panel. (Tuesday)

7. Mike Lewis and the comics at Kings County Saloon will make sure The Party will be the funnest one in town. (Tuesday)

8. Hear George Hodgman’s brave tale of going from New York to Amurrka in Bettyville. (Wednesday)

9. Congratulate yourself for getting halfway through the week with hump night, a dance party featuring all those danceable genres, plus Prince. (Wednesday)

10. All the research time you put into doing keg stands over the years will finally pay off at Beer Geek Trivia at Glorietta Baldy. (Wednesday)

11. Learn recipes you’ll never make at a launch party for FUDS: A Complete Encylofoodia, a book of fake recipes parodying the BK food scene’s more outré menu items. (Wednesday)

12. If you thought Opera on Tap made you cultured, just wait until they’ve sing-taught you the history of the genre. (Thursday)

13. VideoTALE is making storytime the wild multimedia experience it was meant to be with comics like Rob Cantrell and Justin Perez. (Thursday)

14. Relive your horrifying middle school slow dance memories at CLOSER, a party for bodies just trying to lean and sway on other bodies. (Thursday)

15. This launch for a Kanye biography is more important than whatever you were planning, so just cancel your wedding or the birth of your first child and go respect artistry. (Friday)

16. Do some finger snapping and head nodding as poets like Allison Geller and Paige Taggart share their latest work at Roots Poetry Series. (Friday)

17. Catch a live reading of Superman Lives at Videology, the Superman movie that Kevin Smith wrote and in an alternate universe, was actually directed by Tiim Burton and starred Nicolas Cage. (Friday)

Source: brokelyn.com

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