Introducing: Danny De La Vie


“Danny DeLaVie is a 20 year old hip hop artist out of Sheepshead Bay, New York. By using clever lyrics, subtle flows, and third world beats, he hopes to move the masses while staying true to himself by abusing his very unique style of execution on tracks to his advantage. Watch this young artist’s progress by visiting the website, or follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Danny_DeLaVie

Strange (prod. by Thiefofbaghdad) Is DeLaVie’s debut solo video and a single off his first upcoming mix tape entitled, “Saved By The Bay” (SBTB). The Song itself has a dark, yet positive message behind it which implies, no matter how doubtful, or “Strange” , one may feel about their path in life, we are all blessed and “Gifted” in our own unique ways. The visuals include gritty scenes and areas in Sheepshead Bay as well as a professional mime to help relay the message within the song.”

Directed by aiP and Chimp Filmworks

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