Learn About The Health Statistics Of ENY Before The Annual 5K Walk!

Brooklyn 5K

“East New York’s current residential health is well below the borough’s average. According to the East New York Brooklyn Neighborhood Report, East NY has an 8.8 mortality rate per 1,000 people, which rises well above Brooklyn’s total average of 6.9. The high mortality rate correlates significantly to East New York’s low health average. Diseases such as Diabetes and Cancer affect much of the population, Diabetes affecting 14.5% of the population and Cancer affecting 27.9% of the male population and 17.6% of the female. 31.2% of the East New York population are overweight, and 35% of the adult population has high blood pressure, 20% with high cholesterol.

But, East New Yorkers have been fighting against these statistics. 62.5% of East New Yorkers have reported being physically active. Cigarette smoking has gone down 3.5% from 2004 to 2009, now at 17.6%. A giant 77% of the East New York population reported eating 1 – 4 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, and only 11% of the population reported binge drinking, 1.3% lower than the Brooklyn average at 12.3%.

Many programs and activities in East New York are now dedicated to supporting healthy living through exercise and diet. One major activity is the 2nd Annual East Brooklyn 5K Run/Walk . The 5K was created by the East New York Restoration LDC, a non-profit organization dedicated to community development in East New York. Part of ENY Restoration’s Healthy Living Series of Community Events for East New York, the 5K encourages exercise and healthy living in the East New York Community, and will be on Saturday, September 19, 2015, starting at Linden Park and ending at Gateway Mall Park. The goal of the 5K is to encourage residents to get healthy together, and to help push East New York into a healthier future one step at a time. To learn more about the 5k and to register, visit Eastbrooklyn5k.com!”

Via Nikkia Rivera of JIG Media.

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