Live Music @ The Trash Bar in Willy B

Live Music @ Trash Bar in Willy B

trash barThe Trash Bar is located at 256 Grand St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn between Driggs Ave.and Roebling St.  Dividing the north and south streets of the neighborhood,  Grand St. has recently experienced an explosion of business including bars, venues, art galleries, eateries and an eclectic assortment of shops and cafes. The Trash Bar, a 21 and over venue, finds itself in the center of this revival as one of the best local bars and the streets premier music venue capable of hosting rock-n-roll shows that can parade talent in front of hundreds of people.

Formerly renowned as an epicenter of electroclash club LUXX, the space has been fully renovated and altered to provide a superior music venue and complete DJ system with a warm, welcoming front room that offers all the fun conveniences of a watering hole in Des Moines, Iowa.

Billiards and arcades are accompanied by truck stop kitsch and dirt cheap food.  The cheapest place to drink in Williamsburg, Trash offers daily and nightly specials including after 1 A.M. $6 Jack-n-Back, $3 beers, and an open bar from 7-8 on Fridays and Saturdays and 8-9 Sunday thru Thursday  (PBR and well drinks) in the back with paid admission to see the bands.  Plus a $5 PBR & whiskey shot special in effect all day and night.

What we hope is most remembered about The Trash Bar though is its impressive staged venue in the back. Completely rebuilt and drastically improved, Trash has turned itself into a band friendly, high quality music venue. Already home to rock shows that will go down in NYC live music lore, Trash has a driving primary goal, to have a great sounding room that is booked with great bands. So far we have had an extremely positive response from the public both local and visitor and an excited reaction from the bands that have already come through.

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