Make $$ At These 6 Brooklyn Holiday Markets This Season

Twas the night before Halloween, and you remembered Christmas is just around the corner… For retailers, at least.

It’s never too early to be thinking of the winter holidays. Because…presents.  But if you want to turn that bundle of yarn stuffed under your bed into some cash – get crafting, because it’s time to work on your holiday market inventory! Never sold your collection of vintage-looking scarves? Never fear. Brooklyn Buzz will help you vend your cool crafts to the Brooklynites who appreciate your creativity at upcoming holiday markets.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar brooklyn-night-bazaar

This former holiday market went year-round this year, which gives you more time to sell your goods. If you have quality goods, which by the Night Bazaar’s standards include things that are handmade, original and not chasing old trends that you’re planning to sell for less than $250, fill out this application and be sure to have a unique, compelling reason your goods belong in this popular marketplace. It’s probably a bonus if you can get your booth to glow in the dark.

Greenpointers Holiday Market greenpointers-holiday-market

This annual hyper-local market  will take place on December 7 at Greenpoint Loft (67 West St, 5th Fl). Vendors can apply here. Jen Galatioto from Greenpointers, told us the market is always on the lookout for “locally handmade and unique items,” especially of the recycled/upcycled/ecofriendly variety. As far as tips for merchants, she told us that smaller, more affordable items are better, “since folks are buying more during the holidays and like to stretch their budget.” There’s a niche vendors can fill too: “Guy gifts are great – there are not as many vendors offering specific men’s items,” she told us. Greenpointers is also looking for  household items like decor, art, textiles as well as vintage resellers for fashion and home for their market. And don’t forget about selling food – shopping makes you hungry!

Brooklyn Flea’s Winter Flea brooklyn-flea

This holiday market opens at Berg’n the weekend of November 8 and runs through the holidays! While Brooklyn Flea is notoriously difficult to get into, if you have good stuff, they’re going to want it. Have good quality photos, a compelling description and product samples ready when you apply online. Note that indoor table fees will run $100-200/day, so make sure you’ve got something real good.

Shwick shwick

Bushwick’s new “Market of Makers” opened Columbus Day weekend, and we’re expecting it to get big by holiday shopping season. Art, clothes, jewelry, food and more will be sold at this indoor market at 6 Charles Place, and better yet, you can buy yourself a spot. Just fill out the online application, choose the dates (through December 28) that you’d like to sell your goods and shell out $60/day or $110/weekend (for the smallest spaces) to save your vending space. You’ll need one photo of your work, and Shwick seems to be willing to help promote your product, so this market it a pretty solid shu-in!

Clinton Hill Flea 

This recently conceived flea market opened Columbus Day weekend, and will vend goods and food in an empty lot a few minutes from the Barclays Center each weekend. To sell your goods, you must first have an official sales tax certificate. If you’re legally good to go, send images of your items to info [AT], where the market will then evaluate if your items fit into the weekend’s selection. A 10′x 10′ space currently costs $75 but rates will increase in November. New vendors also must pay a $40 new vendor fee, but because this market is brand new, we’re thinking they’re eager to get in a bunch of cool, new stuff.

Brooklyn Pop-up Market brooklyn-pop-up-market

This Crown Heights based market opened over the summer, and will be launching “Sell by the L” for its holiday goods. The market will start on Black Friday at Bat Haus (279 Starr Street, Bushwick), with shared tables starting at $50. Brooklyn Pop-up is mainly focused on the up and coming, locally made and entrepreneurial products, from art to food. “Artsy and avant garde” describes the vendors Brooklyn Pop-Up Market seeks out. “The most important key for a successful market experience is that the vendors have a range of price points,” a Pop-up representative told us, explaining that while some people come to shop, others come to to hang out but are more likely to buy something cheaper on an impulse. Email brooklynpopupmarket [AT] with your best vendable items for a spot. They’re actively recruiting vendors, so you’ve got a pretty good shot.

And don’t worry too much if you can’t make it into any of these markets, because we’ve also got you covered if you want to try your luck with Etsy too.

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