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Vanessa Bracetty-Ormsby, Founder of On the Go Relief (center in white shirt) and Cindy Sailer, Stop n’ Shop Community Outreach and Charitable Giving (far left) are joined by students and families from P.S. 147 The Isaac Remsen Elementary School to open school food pantry.

To help reduce hunger in the communities it serves, Stop & Shop presented On the Go Relief with a $15,000 donation of gift cards to purchase much-needed products for three local public school food pantries. Located in P.S. 147, P.S. 290, and P.S. 928/M.S. 935, the pantries provide hundreds of low-income children with meals, snacks and personal care items during the school year.

More than 1 in 5 children lives in a food insecure household according to the USDA. Hunger and children should not be today’s concern, but sadly it is. Children should not suffer due to financial hardship within their households. Building school food pantries provide the proper nutrients so students can prosper and excel.

“Children and hunger do not sit well with me. As a parent myself I couldn’t imagine a child going to school with no snacks or not having the opportunity to participate in school lunch due to financial hardship,” said Vanessa Bracetty-Ormsby, On the Go Relief Executive Director and Founder. “I am honored Stop & Shop chose to provide assistance to our school food pantries, in one of the schools I attended, helping us provide the proper nutrients for children to focus and excel.”

The school food pantries, operated by Bracetty-Ormsby, will reach and serve low-income and poverty-level students who are facing meal gaps and food insecurities. Many times, the need is hidden or not expressed; children then begin to decline in academic achievement due to the lack of access to sustainable or nutritional food.

The Stop & Shop School Food Pantry Program was established to help limit barriers impacting students’ ability to succeed in the classroom by making sure that they have consistent access to food. Stop & Shop supports local schools’ existing food pantries or helps them establish a new one by providing gift card donations to help stock their shelves.

“Since 2019, Stop & Shop has lent support to more than 100 in-school pantries across our five operating states, and we are proud to establish these three new school pantries,” said Maria Fruci, Manager Charitable Giving & Community Relations. “Students cannot learn when they are hungry, and we are pleased to support students in the East New York, Cypress Hills and Bushwick residential neighborhoods in Brooklyn as we help ensure that they are fueled for success.”

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